Team Building Events

Team Building Events

Looking for a fun and interactive team building experience for your employees? Something that will assist you in your efforts to promote your company’s culture, as well as identify key individuals in your group who can help you accomplish that mission? Then Clue Avenue’s Escape Rooms are the right fit for you! What better way is there to see how well your employees work together than to lock them all in a room and ask them to escape??

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How Is Locking My Employees In A Room Gonna Help My Business?!

We’re glad you asked! Having your next team building event at an Escape Room can be extremely helpful for your business! It’s all about “Employee Engagement”:

  • According to recent national workplace polls and reports, 7 out of 10 employees are “disengaged” or “actively disengaged” at their workplace.
  • Employees with lower engagement are 4 times more likley to leave their jobs than those who are highly engaged.
  • And in contrast to that, highly engaged employees are 480% more committed to helping their company succeed!

Escape Room team building activities not only increase Employee Engagement but also aid in improving internal communication and productivity by strengthening your employee’s ability to work as a team and problem solve. These events also boost morale at the workplace and help employees get to know each other better!

*Note: If you would like to share this information with someone, here are a couple links to some PDF’s that summarize everything about using our Escape Room as a team building event…

Other Benefits (Yummy Food!)

Grand Avenue (the street we’re located on) is well known for some GREAT restaurants! There’s actually of a total of 20+ restaurants on our street, and we have a cross-promotional discount with 10 of them! All you need to do is show their staff the booking confirmation email that you get after booking a game with us, and they will take 15% off your ENTIRE bill! Here’s a list of all 10 restaurants that honor that discount (so many of them are within walking distance from us!). A meal after your game is a great way to take advantage of the moment, and discuss the team’s game results as a group!

To book your Corporate Team Building Event call us at 760-349-6609.

Reviews From Other Businesses

Want to hear what other business owners and managers have to say about using our Escape Room game as a team building event? Here are some comments from our previous team building customers…

“I used Clue Avenue for a team building event for our staff. The entire office was so excited and about the whole experience. Sara our Escape Room leader stayed In character the entire time which made our experience much more fun. We can’t wait until they finish the second Escape Room so that we can go back and try it as well!”
~ Nancy A. (North County Oral & Facial Surgery Center)

“Clue Avenue Escape rooms was by far the best experience we have in our team building events. I kept the event a secret while leading up to the event. Then once all employees involved found out what was in store for them they became excited / anxious / and curious. We had scheduled multiple events in one day back to back and all went perfect without a hitch.. I asked for everyone to give me a short summary of what they learned in this team building event and all were great positive statements of working together and communication etc.. This is something all companies should do.”
~ Jason I. (MBarC Construction)

“We took our small team of 9 to Clue Avenue for a bonding/team building event. Everybody involved had a blast! We didn’t know what to expect as we have never done an escape room before. But from start to finish Nick took his time to get us exactly what we needed. I highly recommend Clue Avenue Escape Rooms if you want to have a fantastic time and create a bonding experience for your employees. We’re now talking about coming back to check out their new room DreamScape!”
~ Colby W. (U.S. HealthWorks)

“The escape room exercise was great defining and tangible example of how a team, with super smart HP people with diverse talents, can solve a complex problem better than one person alone can.”
~ Tammy T. (Hewlett-Packard)

“Classical Academy Online staff used collaboration, cooperation, and communication, in one of the most amazing team building events, to try to escape at the Clue Avenue Escape Room.”
~ Stacey P. (Classical Academy School)

“Clue Avenue was a great choice for our teambuilding event. It was a great way to illustrate our strengths and weaknesses as a team when solving problems!”
~ Regina E. (California State University San Marcos)

“Definitely the best choice we could’ve made to strengthen the bond within our team!”
~ Steven S. (CarMax)

“We all used our strengths and realized what a great team we made. Everyone had fun.”
~ Christina S. (City of Escondido, Dept. Managers)

“What a fun and engaging team-building experience at Clue Avenue Escape Room!”
~ Mitch H. (City of Escondido, IT Managers)

“Clue Avenue Escape is a fun way to build team camaraderie!”
~ Kait C. (EcoLife Conservation)

“Great experience!”
~ Robert W. (Consolidated Electrical Distributors)

To book your Corporate Team Building Event call us at 760-349-6609.