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Our Escape Room Game Is Exactly What You Need - You And Your Team Have 60 Minutes To Solve The Puzzles & Escape The Room! Perfect For A Night Out With Friends, A Distraction From Daily Life, As A Team-Building Activity, Or Even For Celebrating A Special Event. Our Escape Rooms Provide You With An Interactive Gaming Experience You’ll Be Talking About For Weeks!

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The Villain's Lair Room

An evil super villain with a vendetta against the world has created a poisonous substance that he is planning on releasing first to all of San Diego county, then the world! We sent our spys in months ago to infiltrate his lab and get more info, but we haven’t heard from them in a week! With the safety of the entire world at stake, we need your help!

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The Dreamscape Room

You are a part of a class of Dreamwalkers facing their final year’s test in “Onirik: School of Crypto-Dream Exploits”. This life-threatening final test requires your group to be transported, via dream-portal, into “Somnia Orbis” (the Dream World). You're only minutes away from entering a realm where, if you fail your test, you could be trapped in limbo forever. If there was ever a time to panic, it’s now!

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