Where Did Escape Rooms Come From?


Where Did Escape Rooms Come From?

Escape Rooms are such an exciting and entertaining activity! But do you know much about its history?

Who would have ever thought that people would actually sign up (and pay!) for an experience where they have to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and think hard to escape a room all within 60 minutes?! It seems odd, right? And yet Escape Room popularity is exploding all across the world! But how did all this start?? Let’s talk about that…

History uncovered by missing jigsaw piece

Unlocking Escape Room History

The history of Escape Rooms, it seems, is a bit convoluted. There aren’t entirely certain documentation of when Escape Rooms were started or how people began frequenting them and bringing along their office cohorts for some team building experience paid for by corporate. Over the years, they’ve certainly changed.

A Form of Interactive Theatre

It appears though that Escape Rooms stem from forms of interactive theatre and the addictive experience (for some, we might add…) of haunted houses. There is definitely a bit of the history of scavenger hunts embedded within the culture of Escape Rooms as well.

Early Roots

In the UK, back in the 1980s and the 1990s, there were two television shows The Adventure Game and The Crystal Maze which offered challenges individuals had to endure. The appearance of these shows and the experience that individuals had is very similar to the Escape Rooms that are popping up all over the United States today.

Beginning in NYC

Budapest, Hungary, and Kyoto, Japan, are early birth places of the modern-day Escape Room, but here in the United States, there is no surprise that the Escape Room latched on in the bustling locale of NYC. Puzzle Break and Escape the Room NYC were at the crest of the wave of Escape Rooms crashing in.

Real Life Video Games

These live-action games have sometimes been described as the “physical version” of an old video game called “Escape the Room.” Escape Room games can take place in prison cells, dungeons, and space stations. Here at Clue Avenue, we have two exciting themes to choose from: The Villian’s Lair and The Dreamscape, which is opening soon!

Stop By For A Visit

If you’re looking to learn more and experience the fun of Escape Rooms, we’re eager to sign you and your friends up. Visit us at clueavenue.com for ticket prices, available rooms, and for more information.

Clue Avenue Escape Rooms

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  • Ken Ferguson

    Kudos for having found out about the Crystal Maze but especially the Adventure Game – most people don’t seem to know about those and talk about escape rooms like the concept had never been seen till they were reinvented in the 2000s! I think in essence, what you’re saying with the article is right – there’s no one place where it kicked off. There are lots of influences.

    1. Clue Avenue Escape Rooms

      Agreed, 100%!

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