Uncovering the World’s Greatest Mysteries (Part 2)


Uncovering the World’s Greatest Mysteries (Part 2)

Like a lot of people, we love pondering some of the world’s greatest mysteries. And, thankfully, there’s no shortage of them.

With new technology and information being discovered, many of these mysteries are seemingly being solved or, at the very least, we’re getting a lot closer to uncovering the truth.

Whether you are an avid “truth seeker” or someone who just enjoys asking “what if”, the three mysteries below are guaranteed to get you curious. Join in on the hunt for the answer or, at the very least, spend some time imagining the possibilities.

1. Is the Garden of Eden real? And, maybe even more fascinating, does it still exist today? Although an exact location has yet to be pinned down, researchers and scientists feel like they are getting closer and closer to discovering where it is. And, of course, if it ever really was real. The Fertile Crescent region in Middle East, including Mesopotamia, seems like a good place to start hunting, but, according to Ethiopians, the real Garden of Eden lies near the Gihon, or, as they call it, the modern-day Blue Nile.

2. Where do humans come from? For some, this question hardly seems worth questioning, as many religious texts make it clear that humans were created by God or a Creator. Of course, there are plenty of other theories, all of which have seemingly valid evidence. One of these theories, also known as Panspermia, suggests that humans evolved from microorganisms that originated in space. Other theories reveal in-depth arguments that point to humans being extraterrestrials. One search for “Annunaki” will open up a whole new way to look at the origins of the human race. And of course there are countless other possibilities that people have devoted their lives to studying. All of that being said, it’s obviously a “mystery” worth solving, and has kept our entire human race in such wonder!

3. Is the underwater Yonaguni Monument manmade or natural formations? Also known as Japan’s Atlantis, the Yonaguni Monument seems to be an impressive underwater city, complete with temples and pyramids. If it is manmade, this civilization could be one of the greatest discoveries of the modern age. (A scuba diver in 1986 accidentally stumbled upon it.) Some scientists, however, believe that the monument is simply an incredibly beautiful natural occurrence caused by the common seismic activity in the region and the tendencies of sandstone.

Whether you make up your mind in an afternoon, or spend a lifetime pursuing the truth, being fascinated by the world’s greatest mysteries might just be the one thing we all have in common.

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