How many players can you take per time slot?

We can currently take up to 32 players per time slot. A group of this size would be split into FOUR smaller teams that would play FOUR separate rooms at the same time.

What if I have more than 32 players?

Simple. We would just split your group into multiple “small teams”, and have 32 players play their game during each time slot.
For example: If you have 96 players, we would split your group into TWELVE teams of 8 players in each team. We would then have four groups play during each time slot. It might look something like this…
– FOUR groups would play at 10am
– FOUR groups would play at 11:45am
– FOUR groups would play at 1:30pm

If you would like any clarification on this, please call us at 760-349-6609.

Clue Avenue Escape Rooms

Looking to entertain your mind? Our Escape Room Game Is Exactly What You Need - You And Your Team Have 60 Minutes To Solve The Puzzles & Escape The Room! Great For A Night Out With Friends, A Date Night, Or Event As A Team-Building Activity - // // 760-349-6609 //

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