What if I only have 2 players?

Because of our room’s difficulty, and the fact that our rooms are “private” (meaning: you don’t get mixed in with other teams) we usually have a minimum requirement of 3 players per team. That being said, if you have some escape room experience, and would really like to book for only 2 players we would

Are the games public or private?

All our bookings are Private. You will not be mixed in with any other teams. This is one of the reasons that our minimum team size is 3 players.

How much is it?

It depends on how many people are in your group… 3 people = $35/person 4-5 people = $30/person 6-7 people = $28/person 8 people = $25/person For teams of 3 players it’ll be $35/person. For teams of 4 – 5 players it’ll be $30/person. For teams of 6 – 7 players it’ll be $28/person. For