Top Prison Escapes In History (Part 2)


Top Prison Escapes In History (Part 2)

While there’s no shortage of prison escape plots in movies, the chances of escaping from a real prison, especially one that’s high security, are slim.

But, as we know, they happen. And although many of the stories are just examples of pure luck and dogged determination, some of the top prison escapes in history are truly incredible.

Below are three incredible prison escapes that will blow your mind:

  1. Mexico’s El Chapo Prison Break. In 2015 the notorious El Chapo made his escape from his prison cell using a mile long underground tunnel that began from a construction site just outside of the prison perimeter. He managed to stay on the run (and even sit down with Sean Penn) for an impressive seven months before he was recaptured in Los Mochis.
  1. Frank Abagnale’s Con to Freedom. Known from the popular movie, Catch Me If You Can, with Leonardo di Caprio, Abagnale’s life story is almost too incredible to be true. (No wonder they made a movie.) On top of all of the cons he’s famous for, Abagnale simply walked out of his cell thanks to a long-term con that positioned him as an undercover FBI agent. He was aided with nothing more than a forged FBI card and the help of a friend posing as a prison inspector.
  1. The Benefits of Yoga. Choi Gap-bok, a Korean prisoner, used his flexibility garnered from his yoga practice to do the unimaginable: contort his body to fit through the tiny food slot at the bottom of his cell. His escape took a total of 34 seconds, and compelled new Korean prison food slots to be much smaller.

All are proof that, with the right team, a sharp mind, and a flexible body, anything is possible, including prison escapes.

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