Uncovering the World’s Greatest Mysteries


Solving the Unsolvable: The World’s Greatest Mysteries

While a good mystery novel is always enjoyable, perhaps nothing is better than digging your teeth into the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

Forcing you to rethink what you believe, and making you believe in the impossible, these mysteries continue to perplex us, asking us to think well outside the box in order to come to a reasonable conclusion.

And, even then, we’re still left scratching our heads.

From the Great Pyramids to the Bermuda Triangle, some of these mysteries are well-known by everyone. Some, however, are less prevalent in mainstream society, their secrets remaining hidden to this day.

Below are three of the most unsolvable mysteries the world has ever seen.

Peru’s Nazca Lines.
Created with over 13,000 complex lines that span over fifty square miles, the Nazca Lines are believed to have been made sometime between 500 BC and 500 AD. From an aerial view, the Nazca Lines create the shapes of animals, people, plants, and other geometric patterns. For centuries, people around the world have believed these designs found in the Peruvian deserts were created to help lead aliens from other galaxies to planet Earth. Some experts, however, believe the ancient lines were simply sacred paths created with basic tools that aided in helping natives find and worship nearby mountains and rivers. No definite conclusion has ever been made about the original intent of these lines and exactly how they were made with such precision, considering the seeming lack of aerial transportation and communication.

The Immortal Count. 
The same man, a supposed European Count, has been referenced throughout history over the span of four centuries. Associated with secretive societies, like the Illuminati and the Freemasons, this Count is reported to practice alchemy, speak a dozen languages, and is supposedly never seen eating in public. This seemingly immortal Count just might be evidence that humans have found the secret to eternal life. And, to add to the intrigue, recent reports of this Count have been popping up again throughout European countries.

The Voynich Manuscript. 
A mysterious, indecipherable language appears on the ancient pages of this manuscript. Believed to have been created in the 1400s, in addition to the unique language, its pages are filled with bright drawings of creatures that resemble plants, as well as diagrams of the stars. Although some believe it was an early document of medieval medicine, others propose it was created by aliens, considering the seemingly complex knowledge, especially that of constellations.

Will you be the first to crack one of the world’s most unsolvable mysteries?

Want to try your hand at something a bit more manageable to begin with?

See if you can solve this riddle (no cheating!). It’s a fun little riddle credited to Einstein, and occasionally Lewis Carroll, the riddle goes something like this:

There are 5 houses in five different colors.

In each house lives a person with a different nationality.

These five owners drink a certain type of beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar and keep a certain pet.

No owners have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar or drink the same beverage.

The question is: Who owns the fish?

These are your hints:

The Brit lives in the red house

The Swede keeps dogs as pets

The Dane drinks tea

The green house is on the left of the white house

The green house’s owner drinks coffee

The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds

The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill

The man living in the center house drinks milk

The Norwegian lives in the first house

The man who smokes blends lives next to the one who keeps cats

The man who keeps horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill

The owner who smokes BlueMaster drinks beer

The German smokes Prince

The Norwegian lives next to the blue house

The man who smokes blend has a neighbor who drinks water.

So, again, who owns the fish?

The Brit, the Swede, the German, the Norwegian, or the Dane?

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