Puzzle Solving Can Aid In Positive Mental Health


Puzzle Solving Can Aid In Positive Mental Health

You know that rush your body feels after you’ve screamed, endured a horror flick, or made it out of an Escape Room alive?

That experience is rooted in what it means to be human.

Back in the day when humans were cavemen and women living out in the elements, the “flight or fight” response kept the body both cautious and aware. When the going got rough and it was time to run, cavemen and women—they ran. And they ran fast. Adrenaline fueled their journey towards safer ground.

Puzzle head brain concept as a human face profile made from crumpled white paper with a jigsaw piece cut out on a rustic old wood background as a mental health symbol.

Have you and your family or co-workers had the pleasure of exploring the thrill and camaraderie inherent in going through an Escape Room experience?

While Escape Rooms are fabulous for a bit of weekday thrill or getting your office together and working on elements of team building, the unspoken aspect of Escape Rooms that people are glazing over is the fact that this form of entertainment is an incredible boost for brain health and staving off mental illness.

As people search for more and more ways to encourage brain health, similar to crossword puzzles, Sudoku, brain teasers, jigsaw puzzles or a complicated game of chess, Escape Rooms are gaining more and more popularity.

When you’re thinking on your feet, you’re activating your brain in ways it doesn’t usually perform.

As our culture is more and more shackled our digital devices and enjoying entertainment from a more and more sedentary point of view, interacting with others and thinking quick on your feet can ultimately fade into the background. Escape Rooms bring together elements of both team building, rapid response, and root us back to our primal experiences.

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