The Joys of “Group Think” in Escape Rooms Everywhere


The Joys of “Group Think” in Escape Rooms Everywhere

Office culture can be the makeup of many employees working as individuals. As an employee, do you feel as though you are a singular sensation or do you truly feel like you are a part of the pack?

Feeling included when you trudge into the office can make or break a job environment, let alone a career path that extends for years and years in front of you.


Remember in school when you used to be charged with doing a group project? How did you feel about that? Excited? Thrilled? Terrified your group wouldn’t do any of the work and it would all be left up to you?

Escape Rooms offer the chance for you to be yourself and for you to be creative around others. Everyone has to pull their own weight in Escape Rooms. You’re able to be yourself and move through a variety of scenarios to see if you and your team can make it out “alive.” The reality of Escape Rooms…everyone is valuable!

Though there aren’t any presentations to do in front of a rapt audience or any take-home work that you’d have to accomplish all on your own, Escape Rooms are more about having fun in an environment where you won’t always know what will come next. To many people who control every aspect of their day-to-day life, Escape Rooms and their unpredictable nature can be quite fun. If you’ve never tried one, but have heard all about the hype, come check us out!

The joy of Escape Rooms stems from the fact that everyone will have to think quick on their feet. If this isn’t a skill you’ve honed in the recent months and years, get ready! This critical thinking and unlocking the next step can be quite addictive.

Keep in mind, for those who may usually be the star player in the office…who knows what that individual’s performance will look like when it’s crunch time in an Escape Room.

Who knows?

You could be the one who saves the day!

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