Grown-ups need to play too!


Grown-ups need to play too!

Plato said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

Play isn’t something that needs to be relegated to the days of your youth, back when you were throwing sand into the wind while your imagination created a whole other world within your sandbox. No matter what age you are, play is essential.

It’s not just for kids…really!

Even when you’re adult, play can still be a trusty sidekick, it may just take on a different form. Take for instance when you laugh so hard at your sister’s wedding and tears just keep rolling down your face. That’s play! Or when you’re relaxing in a yoga class and the teacher gives you an option for a variation. Which one do you choose? That’s play! Ever feel like getting crafty or creative? Perhaps one way you play is by following a passion that has always been with you, like playing the guitar, dancing, or making collages or vision boards.

Playing could also include fun with your partner, your friends, your co-workers, your pet, or with your kids.

When you uncover what play is all about, at the heart of it you’ll find your imagination. Playing is a surefire way to continue to fuel it, to light up your own creativity, to work your way through some problem solving, and also capitalize on your emotional well-being.

There is actually a non-profit organization here in the United States completely dedicated to the power and the potential within the simple act of playing. The National Institute for Play studies the science behind play and wants to help bring the joy of play back to the public. They think that play can transform the world, and we agree with them!

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  • Luke Campbell

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