Gift Cards

Gift Cards

An Escape Room adventure gift card is probably one of the most exciting gifts you give to anyone! And it forces them to hangout with you more too! 😛

Buy Gift Vouchers

These are digital (email) gift cards. You do not need to choose a game day or game time when purchasing a gift card. Simply choose the amount, enter the recipient’s email address, and they’ll receive the “gift card code”.

Not sure on what amount to purchase? Here’s the pricing for our games…

Team of 3 people = $35/person
Team of 4-5 people = $30/person
Team of 6-7 people = $28/person
Team of 8 people = $25/person

3 people = $35/person

4-5 people = $30/person

6-7 people = $28/person

8 people = $25/person

(Psstt…The more people in a team, the cheaper it is for everyone!)

Warning: an email will immediately be sent to the recipient. Want to surprise someone later? Enter your own email to receive the gift card code yourself. Then, you can either print it out, or give them the gift card code in some other way.