Escape Rooms Fuel Corporate Camaraderie


Escape Rooms Fuel Corporate Camaraderie

When it comes to building a healthy and vibrant corporate culture, there are often many ways of staying ahead of the curve.

Business strategies are ever-changing. Technology adjusts itself every time you come back from a vacation or update your smartphone. When corporate decides to have a bit of fun, you can expect that since you all broke away for a day off together last year, there has certainly been some new additions to the market when it comes to Team Building activities.

And you’re right! They’re called Escape Rooms!

Business People and Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

For corporate retreats, breakouts and icebreakers may now be a thing of the past.

(Thank goodness.)

Escape Rooms are perfect for corporate team building. Even if you and your co-workers aren’t in corporate, Escape Rooms also work great for students or volunteers or a group of friends who may not be looking to strengthen their inter-personal skills, but just want to have a little bit of fun on a Friday night.

Harvard Business Review found that a company’s productivity is directly related to a team’s energy and how the team engages outside of the office. Have you ever had a job where you work alongside individuals you can’t wait to hang out with after you all clock out? Those are the dream jobs. That special camaraderie fuels a feeling of well-being and that well-being in turn keeps you healthy, keeps you happy, and keeps you working.

The next generation has embraced Escape Rooms as forms of true corporate camaraderie. There are no Excel spreadsheets involved, no extended board meetings, and no email chains. (Whoo!) But, co-workers are still able to work on their cognitive abilities, how they communicate with others, and how each individual works in a group. On the outside, though, it just looks like pure fun!

Schedule your next corporate experience at Clue Avenue Escape Rooms. We’re conveniently located in Escondido and are looking forward to bringing your office culture closer together and helping your business inch closer towards success.

Clue Avenue Escape Rooms

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