Who should be on your Escape Room team?


Who should be on your Escape Room team?

When you only have one hour to solve puzzles, decode the secrets, and get the door unlocked, who will you bring with you? Don’t discount yourself. It’s a big decision. You must be certain you can choose wisely.

The whole point of our escape rooms is that you and everyone you come with has a good time. You’re supposed to have a blast…but that may actually depend on who you bring with you.

We sat down and thought about who the best people are to accompany you on your escape room journey, from beginning….to end.

1.) Your family.

When everyone gathers around the dinner table at night, sometimes conversation can be a little bland. Can you pass the peas? Did you have a good day? But, what happens when you bring your whole tribe to the Clue Avenue’s Villain’s Lair Room? How will your mom help crack the clues about the poison? How might your dad try to save the day? What kind of behavior do you see in your family that you might have missed before?

2.) Your BFF.

We all have that one BFF, right? That person who has been with you through thick and thin! That person you’ve known for years! The same person who you’ve probably gotten into trouble with at least once or twice, or thrice? When you’re best friends with someone, you often times know each other better than you know yourselves! So who else would be a better choice to try to save the world with?? Bring your best friends along and decode the mysteries of Clue Avenue’s escape room together!

3.) Your co-workers.

Do you have that one co-worker who you really get along with? A lot more than you do with the others? Wouldn’t it be awesome to try an escape room with him or her? Well, now you can! We’ve had so many companies bring their employees to our escape room for “team building” events. So the next time your boss is looking for ideas on what to do “as a group”, make sure you shout out “escape rooms!”. Trust me, you won’t regret it! .

4.) Kiddos.

You may think that escape rooms aren’t for kids, but you would be wrong! We’re for everyone! Actually, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Kids can see the world in a way that adults can’t, so don’t be surprised if the kid in your group actually finds the clues first…and maybe even solves it faster than you can! Give our “Dreamscape” room a try to see if you can make it out of limbo alive!

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