Escape Room Expert = Real Life Skills?


Escape Room Expert = Real Life Skills?

In one of our other blogs we talked about how escape rooms can help fuel concentration and focus. In the modern world, these kinds of skill sets may be harder and harder to come by, especially if you don’t work at them consistently.

So what else can escape rooms help with when it comes to real life? Let me tell ya! The time you spend working through the “Villain’s Lair” room or the “Dreamscape” room here at Clue Avenue isn’t just a fun experience. The skills you learn and the scenarios in which you interact with others — these can honestly make an impact in your life once you leave our “fantasy world” and head back to the real one.

First, if you’ve been through one of our escape rooms before, you know that thinking creatively is fundamental. You have to! Sometimes there’s no way to solve these puzzles and mysteries if you can’t think outside of the box. Once you’re able to analyze a situation, come up with a creative solution and then execute, that’s where success lies! The same applies to real life. Whether it be in school, at work, or in your everyday relationships. Thinking creatively and critically will always help lead you towards success again and again in life.

You can’t be afraid to ask for help. Sure, it can get a little tough, but you need to let someone else know that you need help so that they can aid you in figuring out what to do next. When you come through our escape room, you’re on a team, and that’s where your strength lies. A team need to be all about helping one another. This same kind of team bond can be applied to so many different areas of your life, long after you’ve played our game!

Escape rooms offer an environment where it’s okay to take risks and learn from your mistakes. Once you see that it’s okay to “fail,” you keep right on going. That sentiment, too, will serve you well on the long road of life.

Who knew escape room’s were so helpful in life??? We did!


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