Why Can’t Anyone Escape the Bermuda Triangle?

Why Can’t Anyone Escape the Bermuda Triangle?

Imagine driving your car down a deserted highway late one night, in the country, with no one around. Suddenly the wind picks up, and you are no longer able to see in front of your vehicle…

You think about just stopping your vehicle, but the moment you do so the wind starts blowing so hard it’s actually pushing your vehicle forward with more momentum! Your gauges are not functioning, so you can’t tell what direction you are headed, whether or not you are still on the road, or the speed at which you are traveling. When you come out the other side of this freak storm, you no longer know where you thought you were, there is no one around, and your cell phone is getting no signal. You have no idea how to get back to civilization.

For those that have experienced the mysterious happenings of the Bermuda Triangle (and lived to tell about it) this story may not seem so far-fetched. To those that have lived to tell the tale, their memory might be painting a similar scene. Except, in their scenario, they had to battle the unforgiving seas to stay alive after the fact.

This begs the question, what is so mysterious about the Bermuda Triangle? There are those that believe these mysterious scenarios are fact, and those that believe that it can all be explained away by science. For our purposes today, we are operating under the assumption that it exists, but in any case we can be certain that there is something mysterious going on, and we may never have a complete explanation.

The Bermudan triangle is undefined, but most agree that it is an area from Miami, Florida to Bermuda, to Puerto Rico. Many government agencies dispute claims that there is something going on there, and don’t even acknowledge the area by the name Bermuda Triangle. Mysterious happenings began to be reported around 1950, and before long people were attributing to more than just science, but also suggesting alien activity or even the possibility of a wormhole. Interestingly enough, especially to those who believe in the mystery surrounding the triangle, is the fact that it is one of only two places on earth where magnetic north and true north point the same way. (Fun fact, the only other place is in the Pacific Ocean, and is called the Devil’s triangle… because there are mysterious happenings there as well).

Mysterious happenings in the triangle go beyond the disappearance of planes and boats, those that have survived a trip through the triangle have witnessed disturbing paranormal activity.

Bruce Gernon is one individual that has spent a good portion of his life studying the activity in the Bermuada Triangle. Gernon has had two experiences that lead him to believe that there is an electronic fog that attaches itself to aircraft, disorienting the pilot and messing with the controls. He believes that many of the flights that crash are a result of the disorienting fog. In his own personal account, he indicates that he experienced time travel after entering the fog. He claims to have traveled over 100 miles in just over 3 minutes. Additionally, there are others that believe that it is not alien abductions, wormhole travel, or magnetic fog, but instead that area is affected by the remains of a long-gone civilization – Atlantis. Those that believe in Atlantis believe that they had technology that surpassed our own, and it is the remnants of that technology that has left the triangle an unpredictable and unforgiving place.

We may never know what is going on in the triangle. It could be a result of the magnetic field being weakened by north vs. true north, or it could be a case of human error and pride. Regardless, one thing is sure. Until we agree on whether or not the Bermuda Triangle is a real place, we will never really know what is going on out there.

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