Uncovering the World’s Greatest Mysteries (Part 2)

Uncovering the World’s Greatest Mysteries (Part 2) Like a lot of people, we love pondering some of the world’s greatest mysteries. And, thankfully, there’s no shortage of them. With new technology and information being discovered, many of these mysteries are seemingly being solved or, at the very least, we’re getting a lot closer to uncovering

Top Prison Escapes In History (Part 2)

Top Prison Escapes In History (Part 2) While there’s no shortage of prison escape plots in movies, the chances of escaping from a real prison, especially one that’s high security, are slim. But, as we know, they happen. And although many of the stories are just examples of pure luck and dogged determination, some of

Puzzles and the Brain!

Puzzles and the Brain! Ways to “puzzle” may continue to change throughout history, but one thing is for certain: research confirms that engaging in a variety of “puzzling” activities can be extremely healthy for the mind. Take for instance the benefits of crossword puzzles, Sudoku games, and the 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles that your family pieces

Concentration and Escape Rooms?

Concentration and Escape Rooms? When you have a big project on your to-do list, setting a timer and sitting down to just do it can sometimes be the best remedy to staying on task. To sum it up in one word: Focus…that’s exactly what you need! Escape rooms help individuals stay focused, increase their concentration,

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